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Neon Moon Brings Amazing Coffee Flavors to Burton, Texas

By Carrina Dabdub, Co-Owner of Easy Access Technologies, Inc.

As a small business owner, I love to help spread the word about local small businesses, lets get started with Neon Moon in Burton, Texas.

According to the National Coffee Association, 62% of Americans drink coffee everyday. Include me in that number. I have to have coffee every single morning, or I will get a terrible headache (We will talk about those caffeine withdrawal headaches another time… let’s not kill the mood here.)

As a coffee lover, I was so happy when Neon Moon opened its doors in the heart of Burton, Texas. I was so shocked and excited. Our small town is going to have its own coffee shop!? Hallelujah!! I quickly became a regular customer because not only do they serve amazing coffee, but the customer service is amazing.

Carl, the owner, treats everyone who comes in like they are a long time friend. He seems to always have fun experimenting with different Coffee flavors and is confident in his roasting skills. Recently, he has hired a couple of new baristas to help out at the coffee shop. So, not only is this amazing coffee shop providing delicious coffee to the people of Burton and surrounding areas, but also creating local jobs.

Let’s get to know some more information about Carl and Neon Moon. Be sure to stop by and say hi! My personal favorite is the iced Hazelnut cold brew.

Q & A with Carl:

What is the story behind the name “Neon Moon”?

Well now, that is an interesting question. Most folks think it is from the Books and Dunn song, Neon Moon, but it is not. Spending a great amount of time at our small family ranch, in the evenings we get to see the moon rise late in the evening, and brings a neon blue tint with it. We have been know to watch it rise and set.....great evenings.

What can people expect when walking in your coffee shop?

The folks should expect all of our staff to be courteous, friendly, inquisitive and by all means, respectful. We acquire Grade 1, green coffee beans, or Specialty Grade coffee, and roast on premise. We pride ourselves and offering great coffee from many different countries and origins. If you don't like what we serve, we will serve you something you do like.

Is it Time for Pumpkin Spice Yet?

Oh yeah! We have Pumpkin Pie/Cinnamon cold or hot. In addition to this fall classic, we are also offering the Granny Smith Apple, Cinnamon Oat Milk latte! Both are a big hit right now. What are your most popular drinks?

Iced Frappe is the most popular with 8 in 10 of those being cold brew over espresso. Some of the Fan Favorites is the Almond Joy, Cherry Cordial, Rolo and most recently, S'mores.

(See drinks pictured below)

What inspired you to open a coffee shop in Burton, Texas?

We were never thinking about Burton, TX as our coffee shop destination. We were looking in Fayette and Washington counties, but every available facility was not conducive for the coffee shop. Either too much work was needed, or not the right fit. After having lunch at Los Patrones one day in September 2020, we decided to drive through town and saw the for lease sign. "What happened to the antique store", I inquired to my wife. Made a phone call and one month later we had a lease signed. Been an exciting day ever since.

Approximately what percentage of your customers come from out of town?

We are experiencing a great many customers swinging by off of highway 290. Folks are searching for coffee and finding us at the half-way point, between Austin and Houston. We estimate 20% from surround towns and travelers. What’s your favorite thing about Burton?

Obviously, the town residents. The original business plan was to only do wholesale coffee. Basically, not service coffee in a shop format, but selling to restaurants, coffee shops, etc. As people began inquiring as to what we were doing, they kept say, "Great. You will be service coffee". Well, after a dozen residents or so continued with that statement, we figured we better serve coffee. So the plan changed a bit to focus more on the coffee shop and less on the wholesale. The find folks of Burton really like their coffee, keeping us real busy.

(Pictured below is Neon Moon in Burton, Texas)

Tell us a little about your awesome baristas...

Well, I hired 3 Barista's. Kyndal, Trista and Kelsey. Kelsey is still with us as she is attending Blinn College in Brenham. She enjoys seeing many of her local friends still at Burton High School and engaging with new folks as they swing through Burton for a coffee on their way too and from the big cities. Trista is at SFA in Nacogdoches and Kyndal is at Blinn Brenham on the Volleyball team. We may see her back in the shop once Volleyball season is over. Anything else we should know about Neon Moon?

We do want our customers to know that we support our great Veterans. Our support is with PTSDUSA.ORG/Camp-Hope. 50% of the proceeds with each Camp Hope bag goes to Camp Hope in Houston. We do a coffee sampling every 3-4 months and what they choose, goes into the retail bag, so that coffee is Veteran chosen. If anything from this article, please visit and see how you can help our Veterans.

Thanks for Reading! Stay tuned for more of our favorite small businesses. As small business owners, we love to support other local businesses. Small business are the backbone of America! Check out our website: for more information about our small business, or visit us on social media: @easyaccesstechnologies


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